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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes DIVESAFE different?

Our quality mouthpiece incorporates special Anti-Microbial agents right into the production process. This allows the mouthpiece to destroy or reduce the growth and distribution of many harmful microorganisms and infectious viruses.

What are Anti-Microbial agents?

Anti-Microbial agents are substances formulated to destroy microorganisms such as bacteria and mold, to prevent them from growing and causing disease.

What makes it Anti-Microbial?

A proprietary blend of Anti-Microbial agents are incorporated in an advanced mixture of oils and integrated directly into the liquid silicone during the manufacturing stage. This process allows the entire mouthpiece, not just surfaces, to exhibit Anti-Microbial properties. The Anti-Microbial protection is permanent and will not diminish with wear and over time.

Do I need to clean the mouthpiece?

All Scuba equipment requires proper maintenance. If the mouthpiece is not being used on a specific regulator, simply throw it in a dishwasher after a dive.